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Due to the intensive nature and level of experience needed for this role, we only have limited bookings available. Enrollment will be closed until further notice once openings are filled.

This combines the duties of a Full Charge Bookkeeper with Executive Level Assisting, giving you one person to handle it all. A complete full service VIP experience, you get unlimited support!





One Person, One Call


Where it All Comes Together


  • On-Demand

    • Direct Access

    • Unlimited Support Including Outside Normal Business Hours

  • VIP Support

    • Custom Tailored Support Based on YOUR Needs


When you start stepping back to handle less of the day-to-day and more of the top-level work, you need to make sure the people you're hiring can fill the void with minimal oversight. I can take you from boxes full of receipts, with little or no thought about the larger systems needed to handle growth, and get you to a place where your entire business is running smoothly in the background.


We will work closely together at all times, starting with the development, implementation, and oversight of all the systems and processes needed for a modern business to stand out and stay competitive. 

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