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Virtual Assistants

Responsive. Efficient. Organized.

A Virtual Assistant Can Be Everything You Never Knew You Needed.

A good virtual assistant is worth their weight in gold. The biggest advantages here are in the flexibility and savings compared to a traditional employee. You're only paying for time working, not for someone to sit in an office during downtime and slow seasons. You're also accessing talent you wouldn't find otherwise...

I could go on and on and on about the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and I probably wouldn’t be able to cover it all. Basically it boils down to, if you want it done it’s our job to make it happen!

Here are some examples of how a Hiring a Virtual Assistant can save you time, and actually make you more money!



More Than Saving You Money

We Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders

  • Schedule Management

    • Manage and Synch your Schedule via your Preferred Calendar (Google, Outlook, Apple)

    • Book Estimates, Inspections & Consultations

    • Schedule and Dispatch Crews

    • Handle Maintenance, Repairs, Inspections, and Licensing renewals.

    • Special Event Reminders (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)

    • Travel Booking

Free yourself up to handle the bigger things

  • General Administration

    • Apply for Permits

    • Order and Track Supplies

    • Document Preparation​​

      • Change Orders​

      • Contracts

    • Organize and Store Documents for Easy Access Anywhere

    • Transcription and Meeting Notes

Anything and Everything you Need

  • Acting Public Point of Contact

    • Answer Inquiry Calls and Emails

    • Conduct Check-Ins and ​Follow-ups

    • Screen Help Wanted Responses (Resume combing) 

    • Conduct Background Checks & Informal Interviews

You definitely don’t have time to talk to leads and clients while you're out working, and if someone isn't there to do it in your absence those potential customers move on in a heartbeat... and if someone isn't making sure the customer is truly satisfied with the work you could be missing opportunities to avoid bad reviews.

  • Communication Liaison​​

    • Vendors

      • Schedule Rentals, Order Supplies​​​

    • Project Managers/Foreman​​

      • Change Order Requests, Purchase Orders​

    • Subcontractors/Employees

      • Scheduling, PTO Requests​

    • Customers

      • Change Requests​, Complaints

Can't get anything done because you're at everyone's beck and call? Cut down on the interruptions and pick when you'd like to be contacted (Emergencies, Daily Briefings, etc.)


  • Business Systems Creation​​

    • Increase Efficiency & Decrease Wasted Time​​

    • Standardize Company Communication & Document Submission

    • Capture and Organize Lead Data

We're efficiency experts, and we know margins matter. If there's a better way to get it done, we'll find it!

  • Social Media Management

    • Create and Schedule Posts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube)​

    • Moderate and Respond to Comments 

    • Connect with Leads

While a high quality website is absolutely essential, especially if you're a local business, a massive amount of communication and  market presence is generated from social media. Having active accounts across the diverse platforms encourages people to trust your business, and feel comfortable reaching out...making sure people who want more info don't get away!

To find out what else a Virtual Assistant can do for you schedule a Free Consultation.


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