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Full Charge Bookkeeping

Don't Leave Money on the Table.

Get Control of Your Financial Future with our Full Charge Bookkeeping Services. 

Accurate bookkeeping is an essential part of running a business. We offer Basic Bookkeeping and monthly reconciliation, a great place to start if you’re new to us or just exiting startup mode. It's vital service for small contracting companies looking to expand. 



Full Charge Bookkeeping

A Financial Department in a Bottle

  • Manages All Aspects of your Company Finances

    • General Bookkeeping Duties

    • Closely Monitors Cashflow

    • Issues Monthly Financial Statements

    • Invoicing & Accounts Payable

  • Payroll Management

    • Track Subcontractor & Employee Time

    • Run Standard Payroll and Issue Subcontractor Payments

    • Ensure All Payroll Tax is Collected and Submitted on Schedule

    • Issue 1099s and W2s at Year End

  • Additional Job Costing ​(Detailed Income/Expense Tracking)

    • Create Cost Codes

    • Issue WIP (Work In Progress) Reports

    • Run Estimates vs Actuals

    • Run Profit and Loss for Each Job

    • Catch Minor Budget Discrepancies Before They Become Major Issues

It's Industry Standard Practice for a Reason. Keeping a close eye on whether you are overbilling or underbilling a current project means you'll have the insights you need to adjust quickly and avoid huge budget failures.


With inflation and supply costs skyrocketing, your profits margins can disappear without close monitoring!

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